Moving to Cary or to Wake county with a child with a developmental disability?

 Are you planning on moving to Cary, NC and you have a child with developmental disabilities? I am the Realtor for you! My youngest son has autism and we have been in the Wake county school system since preschool. I can tell you all the good, bad & ugly. Luckily there has been very little ugly and we have been very happy with the Wake county schools that Josh has attended. He is in middle school now and doing very well!  I think I was more nervous about the transition than he was.

  I can only give you specifics about the school we have attended & I can lead you to resources about other schools. Believe me when I tell you talking to “other parents” will be your best resources. A wise early interventionist told me that and she was right.

  Another great tip is ALWAYS do a “positive student profile” for each IEP and ask to read it in the beginning of the meeting. This sets the meeting in the right tone and let the team know that you know your child well and have their best interests at heart. If you need a copy of a “positive student profile” email me and I’ll send you one. Also bring food to the meeting (cookies or something) as food always brings people together. The IEP  can be nerve wracking process so being prepared and doing things that help, start if off on the right foot.

  So as I am showing you around Cary and the surrounding area you can pick my brain for resources and gems of knowledge. I will do the best to share from my experience and hook you up with other resources. Moving to a new area is hard enough. Having someone who understands special needs and the system can be worth a million. I hope I can help with your transition here.

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