Every October: NC State Fair

Crisp apples, brisk fall air, the leaves are starting to turn…these are the things of FALL. One of the great things to do every fall in the Triangle area is go to the State Fair. I grew up in NH and was raised on an annual agricultural fair. Every Labor Day week my grandparent’s home town hosted a big agricultural fair that brought tons of folks to their sleepy town.  I have fond memories of my 
grandparents entering their roses 
and winning ribbons.

 Now my family has started it’s own tradition and there is hardly a fall that passes that we don’t get on down to the State fair.

The NC State Fair pulls 800,000 attendees during the 10 days it is open.  It has been going on for almost 150 yrs.

 I love the garden competitions.

 The FOOD!!!!!!
Every year it seem that there is a contest for the grossest combination


 & the smells!



So what is it about the NC State Fair that pulls so many people? Is it the rides? Is it the food? The animals or the smells? Or is it the people watching? Personally I love it ALL!

NC State Fair

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