Helping the WHOLE disability community & the “aging in place” community with their real estate needs

Ten reasons why I love my niche:

  1. It feels good helping people 
  2. The Deaf community appreciates a Realtor who can communicate in ASL 
  3. I like being unique
  4. It’s were my heart and values are
  5. It’s real…in other words it is where my life experiences have led me 
  6. I do a good job & people appreciate my work & help (Please read) 
  7.  It was cool having an article written about me in our local Cary paper (to read the article)
  8. There is a real NEED for my expertise
  9. It’s cool being a maverick
  10. I enjoy being part of this community! Life is a circle and with my success I give back to this community as well.  



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