Want to stay connected to your past clients in a unique way?

I just came up with a wonderful plan to stay in front of my clients and create blogging material showing how I’m an expert in my area!
The issue:
When we first moved to Cary NC 14 years ago from Worcester, MA the one thing that I missed was good restaurants. By good, I mean ethic, with a real chef serving good wholesome delicious food. We have many restaurants but they are chains like: Macaroni Grill, Chili’s, The Outback. They were not bad but just not that exciting or novel. Over the years I have found good eateries in our community but you have to go out & find them. Then once you find them it’s good to spread the word!
The solution:
OK here you go.  So I was inspired this morning when I went on Facebook and saw that my lender friend had just tried a new Lebanese restaurant in Raleigh called Sitti. I went to their website. http://www.sitti-raleigh.com  I love food and the pictures made me want to run out & try it even though I had just had breakfast. 
So my FANTASTIC idea was: why not come up with a way that I can visit these unique, local restaurants, experience their food and write about it in my blog and create a contest where I pick a random past clients to join me on my restaurant venture? Seems to me I’d be killing a bunch of birds with one stone. Reconnecting with my clients, spending quality time one on one with them & catching up on their lives AND experiencing delicious food and the local fare. It felt like a “no brainer” to me. I can also show that I’m an expert of best restaurants in Raleigh & the surrounding area (my community) while I’m reconnecting with my past clients!
 A win, win for everyone!
This plan will allow me to enjoy the best restaurants in the Triangle, while reconnecting with my past clients in an authentic meaningful way, creating a little buzz around the random winners, and being the community expert by blogging & telling folks where they can go for good eats! What new comer would not want to know that?

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